Valve Positioners

Valve Positioners

Valve positioners perform the function of determining the error between the optimum vale position and actual valve position and provide a corrective output. Specialized sensors on the valve stem or shaft correspond to the setpoint from the control system. The positioner's output is sent electrically or pneumatically to a valve actuator, which moves the valve in the corrective direction. 

As a control valve accessory and the interface between the control system and valves, positioners play a vital role in ensuring the process loop's performance. The valve positioner adjusts the valves' opening, thereby varying the valve's flow rates, from completely shut or wide open to anywhere in between. 

Flowserve Corporation is a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, which offers a broad selection of analog, digital, and SMART positioners. For more information about Flowserve positioners in Northern California, contact CTi Controltech. Call them at 925-208-4250 or visit their website at

Happy Holidays from CTi


Happy Holidays from CTi

The Flowserve Valtek FlowTop GS Control Valve

The Valtek FlowTop GS control valve (types V746 and V748) improves the reliability and uptime of production processes while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. Designed for general service applications, the FlowTop GS globe valve is a competitively priced, fully integrated valve-actuator-instrumentation package for continuous process flow loop control throughout the plant.

For more infomration about Flowserve Valtek products in Northern California and Western Nevada, contact CTi Controltech. Call them at 925-208-4250 or visit their website at

CTi Appointed Authorized Distributor for Crane Products including Xomox, Flowseal, Aloyco, and Duo-Chek

CTi Controltech Providing Crane CPE
CTi Controltech is proud to announce that effective October 20, 2020 the appointment of CTi Controltech as and authorized Distributor for Xomox sleeved and lined plug valves, Flowseal high performance butterfly valves, and other Crane valve products such as Crane cast steel, bronze & iron, Aloyco SS valves, and Duo-Chek wafer check valves.

CTi Controltech

PBM Cryogenic Ball Valves

PBM cryogenic valves have a unique design that provides superior performance through cooling and heating cycles. The valves have been shown to meet leakage criteria per MSS SP-134.

An extended bonnet with an upper set of live loaded stem packings. As metal shrinks, it keeps pressure on seals as temperature goes through cooling and heating cycles. The vented ball allows explosive gas expansion to vent upstream.

Cryogenic valves are optimally oriented with the stem 90° from the horizontal plane. PBM cryogenic valves are capable of operating with the stem oriented as low as 45° above the horizontal plane.

PBM Cryogenic CTi Controltech

PBM Cryogenic  Ball Valve

  • Sizes 1/2” - 4” - Full port. Consult PBM for additional sizes.
  • Temperatures from 400 ̊ F, 205 ̊ C down to -320 ̊ F, -200 ̊ C Live-loaded stem packings
  • Firesafe to API 607 Rev. 6
  • Designed and tested in accordance with ASME B31.1 and B16.34.
  • Materials of construction: stainless steel, other materials available – consult PBM for details.
  • Pressures to 1440 psi CWP (ANSI 600# class)
  • Cleaned for oxygen service.
  • Quarter turn operation
  • Locking lever handle or optional oval locking handwheel Automation available.
  • V-TEFTM seats/graphite seals
  • Internal and external grounding
  • Uni-directional flow and vented ball
  • Optional API-622 Low-e Packing (cannot be LOX cleaned)

For more information about PBM valve products in Northern California or Western Nevada contact CTi Controltech. Call them at 925-208-4250 or visit their website at