Saturday, February 22, 2020

Selecting Burst Rating for Rupture Discs

rupture disc with identification tag
Rupture disc application requires knowledge of process
operation and compliance requirements.
Image courtesy Continental Disc Corporation
Three rating types are available to specify the burst pressure requirements of a Continental Disc Corporation rupture disc:


The embedded document below defines and describes each rating type.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Happy Holidays from CTi Controltech

A time of peace, a season of wonder and joy... We wish you all the best during the holidays and through the coming year.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Advanced Technology Behind Air Monitor Flow Measurement Products

Air Monitor Flow Measurement Products

Air Monitor products are used for measuring clean airflow, dirty airflow, and combustion airflow in refineries, foundries, aerospace, power, electronics manufacturing, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, wastewater, pulp & paper, and environmental industries. Air Monitor uses multi point averaging pitot tube technology coupled with ultra low, high accuracy, differential pressure measurement to measure air flow in any industrial environment.

Pitot Averaging Technology

The Air Monitor multi-point self-averaging pitot averaging technology is unique in that it is a pure instrument measuring true velocity pressure (total pressure – true static pressure). Other technologies measure a reference pressure on the back or side of the probe resulting in a DP that is not true velocity pressure as derived from Bernoulli’s Equation. This reference pressure requires the use of correction factors that vary with Reynolds number (i.e. velocity and density changes) in order to relate the measured DP to true velocity pressure. The Air Monitor system also utilizes the Fechheimer method of true static pressure measurement along with a chamfered impact or total pressure measurement to provide an accurate velocity pressure measurement and do so with pitch and yaw angles up to ± 30 degrees without requiring additional corrections.

Differential Pressure Technology

Differential Pressure technology is commonly used to measure fluid velocity due to their well-defined relationship. The square root of the differential pressure is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. In ducted systems the total pressure consists of the velocity pressure and static pressure. By measuring the total and static pressures in a duct, the velocity pressure can be obtained by subtracting static pressure from total pressure. This is achieved in practice by directly measuring the differential pressure between the two.

Air flow measurement over a large velocity range requires an extensive selection of DP transducers with multiple upper range limits (URLs) to fit the required application - from ultra low range like 0.05” w.c. URL transducer and higher. Air monitor offers this ultra low range DP sensing capability coupled with the Auto-zero function to provide a highly accurate DP measurement with long term calibration stability starting for 0.05” w.c. URL transmitters.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal mass flow meters measure flow by introducing heat into a flow stream and measuring the dissipation of heat between temperature measurement points. They are very popular because they provide a fairly unrestricted flow path, have no moving parts, are accurate over a wide range of flow rates, work well on large or small pipes, don’t require temperature or pressure compensation, and actually calculate mass flow rather than volume. In most cases, thermal flow meters are used to measure and monitor flowing gases, but in some cases they are used to measure the flow of liquids.

Fox Thermal Instruments, located in Marina, CA, manufacturers some of the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meters today. Their products are used in a wide variety of industrial gas flow and emissions monitoring applications.

Fox Thermal provides basic models:

Model FT1:

Winner of the 2015 Flow Control Innovation Awards, is the newest Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter offered from Fox Thermal Instruments.  The Model FT1 was nominated for this award because of its innovative design elements such as the DDC-Sensor™ technology platform that allows it to operate using the Gas-SelectX® gas menu selection tool.

Model FT2A:

The Model FT2A continues to accurately measure gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature and pressure compensation. Some additional features available on the FT2A include a standard display, a standard USB port to connect to a PC, and the option of BACnet MS/TP communication protocol.

Model FT3:

The Model FT3 measures gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature and pressure compensation.  Calibration Validation, using the CAL-V™ and Zero CAL-CHECK® features, is an in-situ calibration routine that validates the flow meter’s accuracy by testing the functionality of the sensor and it associated signal processing circuitry.

Model FT4A

The Fox Thermal Model FT4A was the first meter to use the expanded Gas-SelectX® gas selection menu and the 3rd Generation DDC-Sensor™ design. The Gas-SelectX® gas menu feature for the Model FT4A flowmeter. Gas-SelectX® allows the user to choose from a menu of several common gases or gas mixtures for their application.

Model FT4X

The Fox Thermal Model FT4X comes equipped with an advanced intrinsic Data Logger for advanced record-keeping and data retention. Data logging is commonly used in applications such as flare and waste gas monitoring, gas studies, gas royalties and allocation, and gas flow research.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Remembering Our Veterans Today

Veterans Day is not just another holiday. It honors those Americans who fought for our freedom. By celebrating our Veterans, we continue to tell the story of how this country became the most powerful on Earth - through bravery, honor, truth, and determination.

Our Veterans are our neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers. They took an oath to defend the United States and our Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We must never forget their bravery, service, and sacrifice.

CTi Controltech thanks our Veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedom.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

PBM Industrial Valve Solutions

PBM is a leading producer of dependable, high quality valves for the Chemical & Paint, Food & Beverage, Marine, NQA-1 Qualified, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Paint & Resin, Pulp & Paper, Cryogenic, Personal Care, and Steel industries.

This catalog contains comprehensive information on the following PBM products:
Download the PBM Industrial Valve Catalog from Here
  • SP, SD Series 5; SP Series 6
  • SP, SD Series 5; SP SERIES 6 Actuated
  • AN Series 5, 6 150 & CL300
  • AN Series 5, 6 Actuated
  • AN Series 1 CL150
  • AN Series 1 Actuated
  • FT, FD Series 5; FT Series 6
  • FT, FD Series 5; FT Series 6 Actuated
  • AF Series 1 & 3
  • AF Series 1 & 3 Actuated
  • DP, DD Series 5
  • DP, DD Series 5 Actuated
  • MP Series 5
  • MP Series 5 Actuated
  • MP Series 4
  • MP Series 4 Actuated
  • MP Series 1 Actuated
  • Instrument Valves
  • Double Block & Bleed Valves
  • Bolted Instrument Valves
  • Bolted Double Block & Bleed Valves
  • Transmitter Isolation Valves
  • Fabflex® Instrumentation Valve Manifolds
  • Flush Rings/Bleed Rings with Integral Valve
  • Sampling Tank Bottom Valves
  • Cryogenic Ball Valves

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Understanding Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Flame and Detonation Arresters, and Blanket Gas Regulators

Groth Equipment


Pressure/vacuum relief valves are protection devices typically mounted on a nozzle opening on the top of a fixed roof atmospheric storage tank. Their primary purpose is to protect a tank against rupture or implosion by allowing the tank to breathe, or vent, when pressure changes in the tank due to normal operations.


Pilot operated relief valves serve the same primary purpose as pressure/vacuum relief valves, but with better performance characteristics than weight or spring loaded valves. Lower leakage and better flow performance make a pilot operated valve the solution when the focus is product conservation, expanded tank working pressure range, and reduced fugitive emissions. A pilot operated relief valve pro-vides the maximum available leakage control technology as specified in the Clean Air Act of 1990.


Emergency relief valves protect tanks against excessive pressure caused by external fire exposure or flashes within the tank. Emergency relief valves provide higher flow capacity than standard pressure/vacuum relief valves.


Deflagration flame arresters are fire safety devices used to protect stored or process media from deflagrations. A deflagration flame arrester can be used on the top of a tank in certain conditions, as an in-line safety device where combustible gases are transported through low pressure pipe lines.


Detonation flame arresters provide flame protection in cases where the ignition source pipe lengths are greater than what can be protected with a deflagration arrester.


Blanket gas regulators can provide both pressure and fire protection for storage tanks by supplying a blanket- ing gas which maintains a constant positive pressure in the vapor space of a storage tank.

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