The Flowserve Logix 3800 Digital Valve Positioner

The Logix 3800 positioner features powerful diagnostics that identify field problems and expedite corrective actions to ensure reduced return-to-operation times.

Compatible with linear and rotary valves and actuators, the robust design of the Logix 3800 delivers high reliability in tough environments, reduces inventory costs and contributes to a lower total cost of ownership, and installs with an innovative, one-button quick calibration feature.

Partial List of Features:
  • Rugged, certified SIL 3 capable modular design delivers maximum reliability in the toughest environments. 
  • Installation and operation ease from innovative quick calibration feature to simplify commissioning. 
  • Broad application versatility with industry-leading communication technologies, including analog, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, 4-20 or discrete I/O signals.
  • Intrinsically safe, non-incendive and explosion-proof design from -52°C to 185°C (-62°F to 365°F) ensures safe, reliable operation in hazardous conditions for increased plant and personnel safety.
  • Compatible with a variety of valve and actuation configurations including: rotary or linear valves; double- or single-acting; air- to-open or air-to-close.

Control Valves by CTi Controltech

CTi Controltech handles a complete portfolio of control valves. From linear control valves to rotary control valves, CTi can handle the most severe services, including cryogenic, superheated steam, volatile, erosive, and corrosive fluids, high pressure drops, vibration, cavitation, flashing, and high noise levels. CTi's applications engineers can select and size the best choice for your application, and counsel you on the best practices for safety, accuracy, and long operating life.