Flowserve Valve, Actuation and Instrumentation Product Portfolio

Flowserve Valve, Actuation and Instrumentation Product


Flowserve offers a comprehensive range of quarter-turn, rotary, linear, control, and specialty configurations. Every valve manufactured is built with unwavering performance, long service life, and safe operation in mind. Flowserve also provides precision actuation and instrumentation for all applications, including remotely controlled, fully-automated electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic actuators, as well as electronic positioners and level switches. In most hazardous environments, fail-safe isolation, on-off modulation, and precision process control ensure efficient and reliable operation. Every intelligent flow control solution provides industry-leading performance and reliability, with embedded technologies that make them simple to use and maintain. You'll get end-to-end intelligence that maximizes your uptime by combining our control solutions with real-time system analysis, predictive maintenance, and remote service capabilities.