Overview of Check-All Valve Manufacturing Check Valves

Check-All Valve manufactures in-line spring-loaded, piston-type check valves with metal to metal or soft seats. It is a single product company, specializing in only check valves for industrial use. The video provides a brief overview of the company, then continues with a more detailed description of the products and their defining capabilities and features.

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Potential Application Problem Solved With Magnetic Level Indicator Design

Engineers, industrial process operators and stakeholders recognize the value and necessity of accurate and timely information from an operating process. Experience has shown that the environment and activities surrounding process installations and equipment can sometimes have a significant impact on the ability of measurement instrumentation continually gather and deliver accurate process data.

Concerns include:

  • Weather - An element whose impact cannot be understated....or easily predicted.
  • Physical Contact - Equipment and measurement devices must be protected from damaging impact.
  • Security - Vandalism, cyber invasion, and other external threats are possible

Our task is generally to effectively manage the operation of whatever processes are in place. Our responsibility, as operators of machines and handlers of materials that can produce hazardous or life threatening conditions in the case of failure or error, is to foresee every reasonably probable event that could affect the safe and proper operation of our industrial processes and mitigate or prevent their impact.

One manufacturer has developed an innovative solution to a potential problem in the application of magnetic level indicators. The short video below describes the conditions which could potentially result in instrument failure, and the way in which the product design change successfully overcomes any adverse impact on process measurement. Invest less than three minutes of your time to watch the video and build your application knowledge by learning from the experience of others. Do not hesitate to contact a product application specialist for more detail, or to discuss your process measurement needs.

Combustion, Emission, Steam, Valve, Automation and Instrumentation Solutions

chemical plant
Cti Controltech delivers process measurement and control
solutions across many industries.
CTi Controltech brings knowledge, experience and expertise to their customer relationships. We carry a broad range of process control, combustion and steam related products manufactured by globally recognized companies, along with the contracting and engineering resources to deliver complete solutions to customer challenges. CTi Controltech, located in Northern California, is a top flight provider of valves, valve actuation, emissions control and monitoring, industrial burners and boilers, pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation, custom SCR sytems, and steam management products. We craft solutions to the challenges our customers face everyday in process control.

Combustion, Emission and Steam Solutions
  • Low and ultra low NOx burners and burner retrofits 
  • BMS and CMS system design and hardware 
  • Custom design SCR Systems 
  • Burner air fuel mix recalibration 
  • Pre-emission test and boiler tune-ups 
  • Heat rate, efficiency studies and plant improvement 
  • Vapor recovery 
  • Particulate and CO2 control 
Valve and Automation Solutions
  • Severe service valve sizing and selection 
  • Valve and actuation packages, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric 
  • Noise and cavitation control 
  • Total valve management programs 
  • Turbine by-pass 
  • Desuperheating and attemperation 
  • Damper drives 
  • Check valves 
  • Vent to atmosphere and silencers 
  • Best fit for purpose replacement recommendations 
  • Ease of operation and life cycle cost considerations 
Pressure Relief
  • Rupture disc 
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves 
  • Pressure Relief Valves 
  • Vacuum Relief Valves 
  • Pilot Operated Valves 
  • Flame and Detonation Arresters 
  • Emergency Relief Valves 
  • Waste Gas Burners 
  • Pressure Regulators 
Instrumentation Solutions
  • Flow, level, pressure, density and temperature 
  • Factory trained service personnel 
  • Commissioning and startup technical support 
  • Technical seminars and training 
  • Valve and actuator calibration and startup 
  • Instrument calibration and startup 
  • Complete turnkey project capabilities 
  • U.L. 508 custom design 
  • Project CAD drawings 
  • PLC Programming 
  • CFD and modeling 

Poppet Type Check Valves With Field Replaceable Insert

cutaway view of poppet type check valve disassembled view
This check valve, from Check-All Valve, has a single cartridge
interior that can be replaced easily in the field.
Image courtesy Check-All Valve
Check valves are employed throughout all types of fluid systems to prevent reverse flow. There are a number of styles or designs, each with attributes which determine its suitability for a particular application.

Check-All Valve is a USA manufacturer producing a broad selection of check valves for industrial use. Their EPIC™ series of poppet style valves deliver a number of solid features.

  • In-line spring loaded poppet type valve
  • Function in any flow orientation
  • Smooth contoured surfaces in flow path
  • Minimum change in flow direction through the valve
  • Minimized pressure drop
  • Complete drop-in replaceable insert for easy service
  • Quiet operation
  • Quick and smooth operation
The check valves are available in male and female pipe connections, as well as double ferrule and flared tube. The valves are suitable for liquid, gas or steam application with sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1-1/4".

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