Multivariable Vortex Flowmeter

multivariable vortex flowmeter
AX Series Flowmeter
Courtesy Azbil North America
Azbil North America recently added the AX series of multivariable vortex flowmeters for industrial process measurement and control to their product offering. The instrument combines temperature, pressure and velocity measurement in a single instrument to provide accurate mass flow measurement of gases, liquids and steam. Incorporating several variable measurements into a single package reduces potential leakage points, installation complexity, and space requirements compared to arrangements with discrete instruments for each variable. Configurations for in-line or insertion installation are available for line sizes ranging from ½” to 8” for in-line and 2” and greater for insertion. A sizing guide, application and product configuration assistance is available from a product specialist.

Intelligent Valve Control for Part-Turn Valves

ICT Electric Actuator
ICT 3rd Generation
The introduction of this new electric valve actuator brings the advanced functionality and asset management capabilities of intelligent technology to the direct-drive operation of part-turn valves.

Valve maintenance requirements can be identified and anticipated, eliminating unplanned interruptions to the process or over-cautious planned maintenance outages. The actuator's powerful datalogger provides comprehensive data capture for planned maintenance and troubleshooting. Data includes valve torque profiles, operational start profiles, vibration and temperature trend logs and an event log. Specific asset management information includes running time, average torque and number of starts. Service or maintenance alarms are selectable from configurable menus including open and close torque levels, total starts and vibration levels.

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