How to Install a Check-All® Flange Insert Check Valve

The Check-All® Flange Insert (F1, F6, FP) valves are the ultimate check valve in flanged systems. They provide the simplest and most economical way to install check valves in a piping system. The valve body helps position itself while bolts are being installed and tightened.

Check-All® Flange Insert valves are designed to fit between two mating ANSI flanges. Generally speaking, the FIV Class 150 and 300 valves (F1) are designed for standard schedule pipe with Class 150 or 300 flanges, and the FIV Class 600 (F6) valves are designed for schedule 80 pipe with Class 150, 300 or 600 flanges.

Check-All® Insert series valves such as the F1, F6, LP, UV, etc. are designed to use the existing pipe as part of the valve body. This provides a very cost effective solution for valve requirements. As such, part of the valve functions inside the existing pipe; therefore, dimensional clearance must be maintained for proper valve operation.

The Flange Insert valve can also be used as a low pressure relief valve or vacuum breaker by using the desired spring settings.

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