Alfa Laval's Unique Mixproof 3-Body Sanitary Valve

Alfa Laval's unique Mixproof 3-Body valves allow for the simultaneous flow of two different products or fluids through the same valve without the risk of cross-contamination. The valve also includes a changeover function. 

The Mixproof 3-Body valve offers optimal process flow, exceptional hygiene, maximum uptime, and a low total cost of ownership. Its modular, three-valve-body design ensures reliable fluid handling and safety, making it ideal for use as a hygienic changeover valve. The Mixproof 3-Body valve translates into significant cost savings and increased efficiency.


  • Operating spillage-free
  • Simplified maintenance
  • High level of hygiene
  • Outstanding safety level
  • Based on proven platform

Alfa Laval manufactures sanitary valves and automation. Customers trust Alfa Laval valves in the food, biopharma, life science, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries for process performance and hygiene in the most demanding applications.

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