General Purpose Valve for Targeted Applications

industrial butterfly valve with actuator handwheel
Industrial Butterfly Valve
Courtesy Adams Valves, Inc.
This is the Adams Valve WEK series industrial butterfly valve. It is a general purpose valve for many applications involving fresh water, seawater, sewage, hydrocarbon and wet gas.

The WEK valves feature low operating torque, compact design, low weight, and good control characteristics. The sealing system is completely integrated within the body of the valve, utilizing a laminated metal and graphite material. Available sizes range from 3" to 24".

Streamlining promotes smooth movement of the disc through its full travel range, without flutter induced by the flow moving around the disc. Sealing is accomplished when the disc rotates to the closed position and seals tightly against the seat which is incorporated into the body. Tight shut off results from the disc pushing into the seal. Valve operation can be manual, via a handwheel, or automated with a range of electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuators.

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