Vertical Tubeless Boiler - Small Footprint for Hot Water and Steam Production

vertical tubeless boiler
Vertical Tubeless Boiler
Courtesy Williams & Davis Boilers
Steam and hot water are utilized in quantity throughout many industrial and commercial operations. Boilers, the most common production equipment for steam, are commercially available in a number of configurations, each with its own set of attributes making it an advantageous choice for a particular application.

One type of boiler is the vertical tubeless boiler, so named for the direction of combustion gas flow and its lack of tubes that are utilized in other designs.

Production capacity in a boiler is very dependent upon heat exchange surface area. The orientation of a vertical tubeless boiler results in a design with a significantly smaller footprint than a comparable horizontal boiler. This, obviously, can be very helpful if floor space is scarce in your facility. The rugged, simple design and lack of tubes tends to make these boilers very reliable and simple to maintain. Fueled by oil, gas, or a combination of the two, provides suitability for a wide range of facility installations. The burner is top mounted and the Williams & Davis unit pictured in this article comes fully trimmed and ready to install in most cases. Feedwater treatment and condensate return considerations are generally the same as for any other boiler.

The vertical tubeless boiler can have broad application in commercial and industrial facilities requiring a reliable source of hot water or pressurized steam. Share your hot water or steam requirements with combustion and boiler experts for the most effective solutions.