Adjustable Sealing Technology by PBM

Let's face it valve seats and seals wear. It's just the inherent nature of soft seated valves. Just like the brakes on your vehicle wear over time, so do valve seats and seals. But if you have a process that runs 24/7 and downtime is costly to your organization, then PBM has a product that you have been waiting for. Most of all PBM valves feature adjustable sealing technology. Adjustable sealing technology allows you to reseal the valves in the event of leakage. Similar to tightening a packing nut on a valve to stop seepage, PBM applies he same principle to their valves body bolts, which bring the seats incrementally closer to the ball to compensate for normal wear, allowing multiple adjustments over the life of valve seats and seals.

This technology works by having the ball compressed by the seats, using the force of the valve body bolts, which provides a second benefit. An upstream sealing ball valve. Where traditional ball valves rely on upstream pressure to float the ball to the seats,  PBM brings the seat to the ball. Two seats, two sealing points. True upstream and downstream sealing. Now you have two seats versus one. Upstream sealing allows the valve cavity to be completely isolated in the ball open or closed position. Have a sticky gooey process? Want to sterilize the valve cavity? Want to flush between batches? Fast and efficiently PBM has you covered. Add ball drain flats or holes, and you can get by with one purge point to the valve. Everything gets flushed through the downstream piping. If you're looking for an innovative solution to costly downtime, or need to clean internals quickly and efficiently, look at the benefits of adjustable sealing technology - a standard benefit of using PBM.

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