Rupture Disc Assemblies Designed to Protect Tanks Against Implosion or Overpressure Conditions

Continental Disc Corporation's CAL-VAC® and POS-A-SET® Rupture Disc Assemblies are highly accurate, double acting pressure relief devices designed to protect processing and storage tanks against implosion or overpressure conditions that can occur in:
  • Positive Pressure - overfill, external fire, steam regulator failure 
  • Vacuum Relief  - liquid pump out, insufficient flow through sanitary vent filer, flash vacuum due to CIP cool rinse, primary vent malfunctions, blanket gas or air regulator failure
Both designs relieve pressure settings starting as low as 1 InWC (inches water column) differential. The difference in the CAL-VAC Rupture Disc and POS-A-SET Rupture Disc is the orientation of the components to meet the relieving requirements. The CAL-VAC Rupture Disc relieves ultra low pressure in the vacuum (negative) pressure direction, while the POS-A-SET Rupture Disc relieves ultra low pressure in the positive pressure direction.