Electronic Line Break Detection - Pipeline Monitoring

electronic line break detector for oil and gas pipelines
Electronic line break detector unit
Courtesy Rotork
There are some process control challenges for which you may need to establish or produce a solution of your own design. These should be applications where a pre-engineered option or product is not available. A manufactured product for your application likely is comprised, not only of appropriate physical attributes suitable for the application, but also the experience gained from numerous successful iterations solving the same problem, challenge, or issue you currently face. There can be expertise, knowledge, and experience provided as part of a hardware item, and bringing that knowledge and experience of others into the solving of a process control challenge is sound practice.

Pipelines, when considered from differing organizational vantage points:

  • A source of revenue
  • A means of transportation
  • A pipe with fluid in it
  • An ongoing operation requiring monitoring and control
  • An extensive physical presence with an associated risk element
Pipelines are all those and more. Regardless of your vantage point, line breaks are decidedly negative events worthy of early detection and rapid response. Part of that solution is available in the electronic line break detection device from Rotork, globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of valve actuators employed throughout the industrial sphere. The ELB model incorporates a set of features and capabilities that can be used to detect and respond to gas pipeline breaks. It is a self contained unit employing technology to detect line breaks and execute a predetermined response.

Read more about the ELB from Rotork in the document included below. It provides a detailed outline of the operational features of the unit. Share your fluid system control challenges with an experienced application team, combining your process knowledge with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.