Vortex Gas Flowmeter With Built-in Pressure and Temperature Compensation

Vortex flowmeter for gas with built-in temperature and pressure compensation
Azbil MVF Series Vortex Gas Flowmeter
Industrial process control operations require measurement, lots of measurement. Whether it be temperature, level, flow, pressure, or some other attribute of the process, manufacturers have always responded to customer demand with a broad array of engineered products geared toward higher performance and lower cost.

Combining related measuring functions or capabilities into a single device can result in space and cost savings, as well as simplifying maintenance operations. Azbil NA does just that with their MVF Series of vortex flowmeters for gases.

Vortex flowmeters are based upon the recognized principle of vortices being generated downstream of a blunt obstruction at a frequency dependent upon the velocity of the fluid (von Kármán effect). The fluid velocity can be combined with temperature and pressure measurements to produce a calculated mass flow. Azbil, in their MVF Series, provides built in compensation for temperature and pressure, eliminating the need for additional instrumentation. The vortex gas flowmeter provides an output signal that is proportional to the mass flow, as well as a pulse signal. The flowmeter is suitable for use with air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, city gas (13A), methane, propane, butane, and other inert gases or mixtures outside the explosion limit range.

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