Valve Actuator Video - Rotork IQ3 Absolute Encoder and Battery

industrial valve electric actuator with handwheel
One of several variants of the IQ3 Actuator
Courtesy Rotork
Industrial valve actuators are available in an uncountable range of types, styles, power ranges, and feature sets to meet the needs of industrial processes everywhere. Some applications have a requirement for the control and decision making equipment or personnel to know the valve position at all times, including when operating power may be interrupted. This scenario calls for an absolute encoder with a battery backup.

An absolute encoder assigns a unique identifier to every possible shaft position, so any reading of the encoder value will indicate the current shaft position. These devices have historically been rather complex, but Rotork has developed a radically simplified approach that provides good operability while extending the useful life of the mechanism.

The short video below illustrates the primary features of the system. More information is available from product application specialists. Share your valve actuation challenges with them, combining your process expertise with their product knowledge for the best process control solutions.