Hydraulic Actuator Specially Designed for Most Demanding Industrial Applications

chemical processing plant exterior view from distance with stacks
Chemical Processing Plant
CTI Controltech now represents MEA, Inc, manufacturer of  hydraulic actuators and control systems.

MEA Inc has been designing and building custom hydraulic control and actuator solutions for 50 years. The company provides control systems and actuation solutions across several industrial sectors, including: in refining with FCCU Slide Valves, Coker Switch Valves, Wet Gas Compressors, MOV Gate Valves and Furnace Controls; in utilities with Boiler Fan Damper Actuators, Turbine Steam Emission Valves, Feed Water Control Valves and Turbine Bypass Valves; and in Steel Production with Edge Guide and Center Guide Systems. 

Specializing in hydraulic actuator systems, the company's integrated teams can build to any requirement and deliver a robust and reliable solution designed for decades of operation. MEA provides lifecycle support for its products, with innovative service solutions facilitating ease of use and dependability of your critical equipment. A global footprint affords the company agility and experience that is always close to customer locations.

The video included below provides an operational overview of MEA's Eagle hydraulic actuator system. Request more information from the valve actuation and control specialists at CTI Controltech. Share your process control challenges with them and combine your process knowledge with their product application expertise to develop the best solutions.