Industrial Process Control Valve Quality Detail

Industrial process control valve
Wafer Style Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
Courtesy EBRO Armaturen
Industrial process control operations have a lot riding on every component integral to the process. The operator's challenge is to get every individual element to work as planned, every time. Most process engineers would likely agree with the premise that high quality components tend to deliver higher reliability and consistent performance. Employing properly specified, high quality, componentry throughout a process installation is a generally accepted methodology for achieving the goal of consistent process output and quality.

Any process that involves fluid is bound to have valves as primary control elements. Proper selection from among the many different types used for process control, as well as the many manufacturers, can be a challenge in its own right.
How do you determine the quality level of a valve?
In industrial valves, like many products, it's in construction details that quality resides. One manufacturer, EBRO Armaturen, gives us a detailed look inside and throughout their soft seal butterfly valve. The video is included below, and it is short and to the point.

Attention to detail is what makes your operation work at its best performance level. That same level of attention also contributes to the design and manufacture of a great product. Invest two minutes to watch the video. The construction details are educational, probably things you did not know. You can get more information, or discuss your process control challenges, through contact with an application specialist.