Vibrating Tuning Fork Level Switches - Classical Tech With Modern Application

Industrial Vibrating Tuning Fork Level Switch
Vibrating Tuning Fork Level Switch
Courtesy Clark Reliance - Jerguson
Tuning forks,when combined with appropriate electronics, can be used in the industrial process control field as liquid level switches. This simple, all solid state device can be a cost effective solution to wide ranging requirements for single point level detection.

This type of level switch is designed using the principles of a tuning fork.  Piezo-electric crystals induce fork oscillation at a fundamental frequency.  Employed as a high level indicator or alarm, the forks vibrate in air until the liquid level rises and covers the forks. The liquid measurably dampens the fork vibration frequency when it covers the sensor. The level switch electronics detect the frequency shift and change the state of a relay to provide an indication of the change. A variety of output options can provide on/off load switching or a direct interface with a PLC. Use the level detectors as high or low level switches with proper configuration. 

A primary advantage of the vibrating tuning fork level switch is its all solid state design. There are no floats or other mechanical linkages. It is also generally unaffected by flow, bubbles, foam, vibration, or solids content. They can also be installed in any orientation. Variants are available for special installations that may require hygienic fittings or explosion proof housings.

Explore these level switches for your applications. Share you requirements with a product specialist and attain the best solution.