The Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve (also known as the Rotary Globe)

Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve
Eccentric Plug Rotary Control
or Rotary Globe Valve
(courtesy of Cashco)
Available in either a flanged or flangeless body style, the rotary globe control valve design provides excellent service life in a wide range of applications. This rotary globe design provides front access to the valve body, allowing use of various low-noise inserts, abrasion sleeve or alternate front- end seal retainers, making it one of the most user friendly control valves when it comes to maintenance.

The rotary globe control valve is a universal control valve that can be used in most control valve applications, with particularly excellent performance on steam. Where conventional ball or globe control valves have problems with body or trim wear, the design and typical options for rotary globe control valves provides longer life. The ease and flexibility of installing characterized inserts provides noise control for gases, and cavitation and flashing control for liquids. Also because of its design, it inherently can withstand temporary distortions due to “thermal shock” without compromising continued control of the process.

A very versatile control valve that provides easy maintenance and serviceability, saving time and money for plant operations.