Commissioning the ROTORK CK Range Valve Actuators

The Rotork CK actuator range has been designed to meet the needs of diverse actuation applications required by the valve industry and its customers. The modular design concept enables quick product configuration from stock to customer specification with a very short lead time. 

The CK range provides the customer with a range of options to suit all of their actuation requirements. Rotork CK actuators are designed for minimum user interaction. Their primary goal is to provide safe and reliable actuation in harsh environments. 

The modular CK product range offers simple, robust actuators (CK/CKr) suited to harsh environments with the option for two different control packages (Atronik and Centronik) to meet exact site requirements. Atronik offers modest control and feedback for a simple integrated starter solution. Centronik offers advanced control and feedback for more complex site system integration and increased flexibility through remote mounting. 

For questions about all ROTORK products in Northern California and Nevada, contact CTi Controltech.