Rupture Discs - Designed to "Fail"

double rupture disc assembly with holders and gauge
Rupture discs can be combined in series for additional functions.
Image courtesy Continental Disc Corp.
A rupture disc, sometimes known as a pressure safety disc, burst disc or bursting disc, is a one time pressure relief device most often used to protect a vessel, pipe, or container from over pressurization. As opposed to pressure relief valves, rupture discs are designed to function only one time by providing an instantaneous response to an over-pressure condition, providing sufficient venting flow to disallow any further pressure increase.

These sacrificial parts are designed to burst when pressure within production equipment exceeds a certain threshold by breaking down, stopping the process to prevent or mitigate hazardous events. Rupture discs are critical instruments utilized so that companies can ensure process safety as set forth by the International Safety Standards (IEC 61508/61511).

The safety devices prove most effective when they fail according to pre-established specifications. Inferior rupture discs may cause unnecessary and expensive production shutdowns by bursting at the wrong pressure. Adequate quality testing and manufacturing expertise assures performance in accordance with ratings.

Rupture discs are commonly used in chemical, petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace, medical, railroad, pharmaceutical, food processing and gas & oil applications. They provide primary or backup protection. Very often rupture discs are used in tandem with safety relief valves, protecting them from the process media and extending the life of the relief valve.

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