Manufacturer Applies Combustion and Boiler Technology to High Temperature Fluid Generator

High temperature fluid generator skid mounted outdoor location
Genesis Series - High Temperature Fluid Generator
Courtesy Victory Energy
Victory Energy, an innovator in high efficiency boiler design, recently announced their new Genesis High Temperature Fluid Generator line. Victory states that the Genesis
"...heats any suitable thermal oil, glycol-water mixture or even water, with output capabilities ranging from 5 MMbtu/hr. to 200 MMbtu/hr. A complete membraned wall furnace provides gas tight construction that offers greater structural integrity while also minimizing refractory."
The company has incorporated its extensive combustion and boiler technology into the new Genesis product, which is intended for diverse applications in the petroleum, institutional, utility/power, pulp and paper, and chemical processing industries. Essentially, the unit is designed to deliver any high temperature thermal medium at the specified pressure to accommodate and enhance process operations.

Each unit is configured and engineered for the specific intended application to assure that maximum efficiency is attained. Victory's unique design provides
"...the ability to easily accommodate high differential temperatures while eliminating hot spots in the generator by controlling fluid flow evenly through the tubes."
Reach out to a combustion and boiler expert for more information on the Genesis line of high temperature fluid generators from Victory Energy.