Digital Valve Positioner Delivers Extended Functionality

digital valve positioner HART
Digital Valve Positioner
A valve positioner works in concert with an actuator to regulate the movement of an industrial process control valve in a predictable manner. Evolving from mechanical based designs, current state of the art positioners no longer employ mechanical means, such as cams, to establish positioner output. The latest models are software based and provide additional information and functionality to the user.
  • Loop powered device
  • Accommodates 4-20 mA input, as well as HART protocol for two way remote communications
  • Suitable for use with single or double acting actuators, linear or rotary motion
  • Certificates of approval for use in wide range of hazardous industrial environments internationally
Either of the input signal paths, analog or digital, can be utilized as the command source. When analog is selected as the input source, the 4-20 mA signal is considered the command signal. Selecting the digital source causes the level of the 4-20 mA input to be ignored and the signal sent via HART serves as the input command signal.

The software based units deliver enhanced functionality for in-field setup and calibration, as well remote monitoring and setup via HART. Multiple operating modes are accessible to the user to properly characterize valve position to desired curves, one of which can be customized. An analog feedback signal of the stem position is provided as an output.

There is more to learn. The document below goes into more depth about the features, specifications and options, with a good illustration of the user interface and screen shots taken from the SoftTools software suite that works with the digital positioner. Reach out to a valve control specialist with your requirements and challenges. The combination of your process knowledge and their product application expertise will produce effective solutions.