Power Source for Hydraulic Valves and Dampers

self contained hydraulic power unit for valve and damper actuation
Self contained hydraulic power unit
A range of fluid processing and other flow control operations employ hydraulically actuated valves or dampers. Hydraulic actuators use a pressurized incompressible liquid as the motive force to drive the actuator mechanism. They are generally capable of operating large loads at higher speeds than electric actuators, and a smaller size than similarly capable pneumatic actuators. They are not subject to limited run times, power loss, or air line freezing.

A power unit is required to provide adequate hydraulic fluid and pressure for each application. A single unit can service more than one actuator or damper.

Rotork, a globally recognized manufacturer of valve actuators, also provides self contained hydraulic power units specifically tailored to applications involving valve and damper actuators. With fluid capacities up to 7,500 liters (2,000 gallons) and operating pressures up to 345 bar (5,000 psi), the skid mounted units are suitable for a wide range of applications. Each system is customized to accommodate the requirements of the intended application.

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