Lined Ball Valves Provide Corrosion Protection Without Exotic Alloys

cutaway view lined ball valve for industrial fluid process control
Cutaway view of lined ball valve
Flowserve Atomac
Ball valves are a staple of fluid process control, delivering a host of design and performance attributes making them the valve of choice for many applications. When the process involves corrosive fluids, steps must be taken to accommodate the aggressive nature of the media, so that valve trim and body are not prematurely degraded by the intended use.

A good solution for valves exposed to aggressive media is an interior lining of fluoropolymer or other material resistant to the corrosive effect of the fluid. Employing a lining protects the valve metal parts from contact with the fluid, allowing the use of less expensive metals in the construction of valve body and other valve components. In extreme cases, ball valves can be delivered with fluid paths fabricated of ceramic material for superior corrosion and erosion resistance.

Flowserve Atomac is a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of lined ball valves, as well as lined strainers, sight glasses, sampling valves, and check valves. Lined ball valves are available in essentially all the configurations expected of more conventional ball valves, including diverter and control service versions.

An overview of the Atomac line is included below. Share your corrosive fluid processing challenges with a product specialist, combining your process expertise with their product application knowledge to deliver effective solutions.