Rotork Type K Damper Drive Case Study

Rotork Type K Damper Drive - Pedestal Mount
Type K Pedestal Mount Damper Drive
Courtesy Rotork
Here is a useful narrative, a case study, describing how a large combustion based plant performed a retrofit of some decades old damper drives with Rotork Type K Type K drives to provide all around better performance and safety.

The Type K Range encompasses rotary and linear pneumatic damper drives that can be applied where precise combustion air and flue gas handling is desired. Proper application of the drives has the potential to increase boiler efficiency, reduce maintenance, lower fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. A few key aspects of the Type K drives include:
  • Drop-In-Place models for retrofit requiring no field engineering or fabrication
  • Damper drives engineered for reliability in high temperature environments
  • Products are rated for continuous modulating service
  • Highly accurate resolution of 0.25%
  • Discrete contacts, along with pneumatic, analog or bus network (MOD) communications
The case study is worth browsing. See how the new drives were effectively incorporated as a retrofit to get an upgrade in performance. Share your combustion application challenges with the experts at CTI Controltech. Combine your knowledge of your own plant and equipment with their product and application knowledge to generate positive solutions.