Rotork Skilmatic Valve Actuators Enhance Performance and Safety

Valve Actuator
Electro-Hydraulic Valve Actuator
Courtesy Rotork
Incorporating levels of performance and safety into industrial fluid handling systems presents ever increasing challenges to those designing, owning, and operating those systems. Rotork Fluid Systems developed the Skilmatic line of valve actuators to provide the positioning performance, operational safety, and data connectivity needed for best-in-class implementation of industrial process control valves.

The Skilmatic range of self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators combine the precision of hydraulic control, the simplicity of electrical operation, and the reliability of mechanical fail-safe action into a single integrated product. In addition to general purpose, flameproof, and modulating versions of the actuators, Rotork offers intelligent versions of the product that deliver improved control and monitoring functions:

  • Datalogger recording of events, trends, alarms.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for data download and upload between actuator and Rotork’s InSight2 software.
  • Semi-automatic position limit calibration.
  • Partial stroke operation.
  • Improved position control for modulating operations.
  • Valve flow characterization for modulating control with various valve attributes, such as equal %, linear, and more.
  • Manual override detection.
  • Alarm output relays with selectable function.
  • Internal temperature sensor.

The actuators are available in a myriad of configurations to suit every application. A wide range of standard arrangements are offered, along with custom versions configurable to provide a specific solution demanded for a special application. A deeper profile and description of the product line, principals of operation, and operational benefits is available from a product specialist, who can also assist with selecting and configuring the right unit for your project or application.