Large Control Valves for Higher Pressures and Bubble-tight Shutoff

rotary control valve
High performance
rotary control valve
(courtesy of Valtek)
High performance control valves, providing a bubble-tight seal along with a wide range of sizes and pressure classifications are used in many industrial applications. Examples are:
  • Fire protection
  • Gas service
  • Condenser cooling
  • Gas scrubbing
  • Mine dewatering
  • Pipeline service,
  • Cooling water
This type of control valve should achieve bi-directional, bubble-tight shutoff while maintaining low breakout torque - at both high and low pressure drops.

Often, these valves are available in carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and other alloys and is available in ANSI Classes 150 through 2500, sizes 2 through 30-inch. 

Rotary disc, high performance control valves offer a double offset designed into the disc that lifts the disc out of the seat immediately upon actuation. This avoids wear on the seat and disc, reducing leakage and parts replacement. It also improves throttling by eliminating friction.

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