Replacing a Stack Gas Flow Hardware Device with PEMS

Here is a presentation made to the Pacific Northwest International Section of the Air & Waste Management Association outlining the advantages of PEMS (predictive emissions monitoring systems) over stack flow devices.

The presentation was made by the president of CMC Solutions, a leading supplier of PEMS or predictive emission monitoring systems.

Other Advantages of PEMS:
  • A PEMS can be configured, delivered and installed in 30-45 days. Installation of a PEMS requires the installation of a single computer with the DAS/PEMS software installed and interfaced to the boiler control system. Typically a one day installation and start up process. 
  • PEMS have lower startup costs, normally one day including DAS. 
  • PEMS require less on site training. PEMS training is usually 1 to 1 1⁄2 days plus DAS training. 
  • PEMS should require no on site emergency service. A direct modem to the system takes care of 99% of all service requirements. 
  • PEMS do not require dual range analyzers. 
  • PEMS do not require EPA protocol calibration gases, piping, wiring, gas regulators or software to operate the auto-calibration sequence. 
  • PEMS require no air source. 
  • PEMS have no ongoing preventative maintenance requirements.