Rotork Wireless Valve Monitoring

Components of wireless valve monitoring system Rotork RI
Wireless valve monitoring system
Courtesy Rotork
Rotork, a global leader in valve automation, has introduced a new wireless valve position monitoring system that transmits real-time valve position indication to a central control location. The RI Wireless product line is certified Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe and intended for application in new and existing facilities in process industries and utilities.

In operation, each valve will have a Valve Monitoring Device (VMD) installed on the existing or new actuator using industry standard interfaces. The VMD gathers data from the actuator and transmits it across a network established using other routing hardware that is part of the total system. A software package provides the final connection to a receiving monitor or controller using industry standard connections.

There is more to be learned about the operation and benefits of the wireless valve monitoring system. The document included below provides description of the various devices that comprise the complete system, as well as the benefits that can be derived from its deployment. Reach out to a valve automation specialist and share your requirements and challenges. Combining your process knowledge with their product application expertise will produce effective solutions.