High Efficiency Hydronic Boilers

hydronic boiler high efficiency
Series 3000C Hydronic Boiler
Courtesy Williams & Davis Boilers
Hydronic boilers are widely deployed in residential, commercial, and industrial settings as part of a central heating plant or process hot water system. In recent years, replacing steam boilers with hydronic units has been one way to boost efficiency and reduce operating costs. Hydronic boilers produce hot water, whereas steam boilers deliver vapor (steam) to the distribution system.

Hydronic boilers employing condensing boiler technology can achieve efficiency rates beyond 95% in some cases. The elevated efficiency results from making use of the sensible and latent heat from the combustion fuel. Additional savings are reaped from the lower operating temperature range of the entire system. Using temperature reset related to outdoor temperature, weekend and night setback operation, and operating at greater differential between supply and return temperatures can further add to the comparative savings of a condensing hydronic boiler system.
Cutaway view of hydronic boiler
Hydronic boiler with cover removed
Courtesy Williams & Davis Boilers

There are many considerations to be taken into account when selecting a hydronic boiler and associated equipment. Proper selection and coordination of the instrumentation and equipment is a key part of achieving the desired efficiency and energy savings. It is beneficial to consult with combustion experts when planning to install new equipment. Combining your facility or process knowledge with their expertise will produce the best outcomes.