Process Control Solution for Dosing and Discharging of Bulk Goods - Demonstration Video

Ebro Cycle Lock system for dosing and discharging bulk goods
EBRO Amaturen Cycle Lock System
Industrial processing applications can sometimes require controlled dosing or dispensing of bulk dry material. Transfers may be injected into an ongoing continuous process, or may be coordinated with a filling operation. There are many possibilities.

One manufacturer has developed a system for controlling the dispensing and flow of bulk solids and powders, combining the necessary valves, sensors, and controllers into a pre-engineered package that can be easily integrated into a new or existing process. The EBRO Armaturen Cycle Lock is compatible with a wide range of communication protocols and can operate as a standalone unit or part of a larger system. The Cycle Lock accommodates all of the manufacturer's extensive line of control valves. The bulk material chamber can be customized in shape, size, material, and coatings to meet customer requirements.

The demonstration video illustrates the operating modes of the Cycle Lock. More information and assistance with all your process control challenges is available from product application specialists. A product data sheet is available.