New Product for Burner Monitoring and Control - Video

Fireye Burner Pro Flame detection and burner management controller
Burner Pro - Burner Management Controller
While all industrial applications carry an array of safety concerns and requirements, combustion operations have the threatening combination of fuel and flame to accommodate. Even very small combustion apparatus can produce extremely dangerous conditions if improperly maintained or operated. The combustion process requires close control, monitoring, and automatic safety response to provide suitable operation.

Fireye, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art commercial and industrial flame safeguard controls, flame scanners and igniters, has introduced an addition to their burner management control systems. The new Burner Pro Flame Safeguard Control provides simplified operation for single point applications using integrated flame safeguard and boiler control operation .​

Fireye brand products are used in schools, factories, petrochemical plants, power utilities and other large buildings throughout the world. The video included below provides a quick description of how the Burner Pro works. You can find out more about how to apply the Burner Pro to its best use from a combustion specialist.