Dual Input Temperature Transmitter Has Some Useful Applications

Industrial temperature transmitter
Advanced Temperature Transmitter
Courtesy Azbil N.A.
Temperature measurement is a mainstay of many commercial and industrial processes and operations. Much can be deduced from an accurate measure of process temperature, and a large segment of the industrial control products marketplace is devoted to reliable and accurate measurement of temperature

There are a variety of instruments and methodologies for measuring temperature, the most common of which is probably direct contact between the substance under scrutiny and a temperature sensor of some type. In industrial process applications, contact sensors are often thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTD), chosen for their cost, accuracy, and flexibility of installation.

Every operating process is "critical" to some group of stakeholders. The process may be of great importance for a number of reasons:

  • The process output may serve as an input to another process with great value.
  • The process output may be of great direct value to the stakeholders.
  • The process may have significant levels of hazard associated with improper or out of control operation.
  • Out of control operation may result in substantial financial loss to the stakeholders.
When temperature is an important indicator of process function, whether for financial or safety reasons, the operator cannot tolerate a loss of the temperature signal. One manufacturer has an advanced solution in the form of a dual input temperature transmitter with built in functions that:
  • Switch to the backup sensor if the primary has a failure indication.
  • Alert the operator if the deviation between the two sensor readings indicates sensor drift. 
  • In wide range temperature applications, switch between sensors with differing measurement ranges for better accuracy.
Along with HART communications and other useful features, these advanced temperature transmitters can help reduce risk and increase performance and safety. Assess how these advanced devices can enhance your process performance. A product data sheet is included below. Product specialists can help with product configuration and selection, along with any application concerns you may have.