Valve Actuator IQ Suffering? This Information Library Can Help.

IQ Series Electric Valve Actuator
Courtesy Rotork
For any component of your industrial process, there is a manufacturer that knows all about how to properly and safely apply, service, maintain, and repair it. The devices we employ to measure and control industrial processes and machines grow increasingly numerous and complex. While this provides operators with greater amounts of useful information, leading to safer and more efficient process operation, the burden on engineers and technicians tasked with coaxing maximum uptime and efficiency from the process grows. Never before has continuing education, even relearning of basic knowledge, been so important. One manufacturer has invested in helping customers and other industrial process control stakeholders keep their operation and maintenance knowledge current.

Rotork, a global manufacturer of industrial valve actuators, maintains extensive online information sources that are accessible to registered users. The instructional and educational assets include online course applications, videos, and other materials to familiarize the user with various aspects of Rotork actuators, their proper application, operation, and maintenance. The large library of "How to" videos provides clear instruction on the safe operation and application of the Rotork actuators, along with step-by-step instruction on how to perform the range of operations involved with obtaining the greatest benefit of ownership. Process engineers, operators, and technicians will all benefit from the assets, enabling them to interface with the products with the confidence that comes from knowledge.

Contact your Rotork distributor for instructions and assistance in gaining free access to the educational tools.