An Industrial Electric Actuator Designed to Keep the Water and Dust Out

The Rotork IQ3 electric actuator includes a double o-ring seal to keep the internal parts sealed away from water and dust should the electrical conduit seals fail.

The Rotork IQ3 also includes these advanced features:
  • New intuitive user interface
  • Advanced dual stacked display with configurable datalogger functionality
  • Toughened glass screen plus optional environmental shield
  • Setting tool with secured Bluetooth® connection
  • High reliability, solid-state controls
  • Reduced internal wiring and connections
  • Simplified torque sensor
  • Simple and robust absolute position sensor with high reliability and accuracy
  • New thrust base design
  • Separable gearbox/thrust base across the range
  • Advanced real-time status reporting
Watch this video to see the how the IQ3 double o-ring seal keeps out water and dust.