Class 1500 Ball Valve and Actuator Retrofit

rotork actuator with class 1500 ball valve
Class 1500, metal seated ball valve
with Rotork pneumatic spring return
actuator and hydraulic override.
CTi Controltech's broad engineering experience was recently challenged with the retrofit of a worn out globe valve and hydraulic actuator, to a new high pressure (Class 1500), metal seated ball valve and actuator package used on 10,000 lb. per hour steam system. 

The customer is a large US Navy contractor located in Northern California. The application is the main steam stop valve on the contractor's steam boilers that provide steam for their turbine testing facility. The contractor's facility simulates conditions on US Navy ships so that turbines and related equipment can be properly tested. 

One of the biggest challenges was to replace the valve and actuator in a very tight compartment. Space was extremely limited.

CTi, along with actuator manufacturer Rotork, came up with the right package to meet the very demanding operating conditions, as well as the working with the small space available.

The job involved the removal of the old globe valve and hydraulic actuator, and then having the new ball valve and pneumatic actuator package lowered through a hole cut in the facilities' roof. A very large crane, with a 200 foot boom, was used for the placement.

The new metal seated, Class 1500 ball valve was outfitted with a Rotork GP200 pneumatic, spring return actuator that included an hydraulic manual override.

The new valve and actuator package works exceptionally well, and the customer is very pleased CTi engineers came up with a solution that fit in to the existing space.